Imagine having a taste of  'La Dolce Vita' for as little as the cost of an average holiday.

ITS ITALY, in partnership with local Italian municipalities, can help you do that.

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We introduce you some of the most amazing ancient Italian villages,

where we hope you will be able to find your new home.


You can even have it financed with flexible terms for up to 90% of the final value! 


All this without having to worry about  financing, refurbishment costs, bureaucracy, maintenance or management.

Start enjoying your new home, with family and friends, in the tranquillity of an ancient Italian village.

You can choose from our everyday increasing number of selected Italian villages.


Our multilingual experienced ITS ITALY team will guide you every step of the way.

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Join a pioneering group of people giving life back to ancient Italian villages and be part of their renaissance, whilst enjoying all the advantages of a sustainable modern lifestyle.

ITS ITALY selected partner villages have high standard of connectivity, sustainability and energy saving buildings.

2021 Italy has one of the most favourable tax regimes for new residents and retired citizens. 

If you are thinking of moving to Italy and becoming a resident there, maybe it will interest you to know that you could benefit from a tax exemption between 70% and 90%. 


The tax exemption is applicable to your first 5 years of residency which could be extended to 10 years if you invest in property.

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Choose now from a number of ancient Italian villages, where you could create your own tax efficient investment property portfolio.


There is no limit to your dream investment!


Register your interest and you too could join us!


We will update you on the latest  added villages.


Start living the dream today!