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ITS ITALY®  was launched at the end of 2020 and is a London based company.

ITS®, the main brand, is trading in Italy & internationally since 2015.

ITS ITALY supports the growth and future investments in   

ancient Italian villages. 

We have streamlined the buying, refurbishing and managing process, as well as all the unnecessary intermediaries, offering the opportunity to live an authentic Italian lifestyle while triggering a domino effect of investments with a strong social impact.

Along with the regeneration of local properties we also support local businesses and projects within local communities, investible through the crowdfunding platform to be launched later this year. 

The first step in joining us would be to register you interest here, on our temporary website. 


Meanwhile we are working hard in developing the new platform, that will soon allow registered members to browse vetted properties, make their choice, customise them and even complete the purchase remotely.

The process of buying has been engineered so that it's pre-authorised and monitored by the local authorities, certified by British-based professionals and already wrapped in with all the solutions on a fixed and guaranteed budget.  

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